Pop is dead!
Tremble! Be afraid! Recoil in despair! Cower in awe! And cry your heart out, because my art… is an EXPLOSION!
- just kidding,i wont blow you up,yeah.
you all know me as deidara AKA the best artist that has ever walked the earth.i like explosions and fireworks,especially if i made them.i don't know how i got here,but since i am,you can ask me whatever you want to know,yeah.if i'm not busy blowing some shit up,i'll answer right away.and make sure you don't mention my man sasori's art or you will be the one i'll test my new c4 bomb on.

my art is superflat!

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Anonymous: u are in relationship!?!??

With my art.It’s the love of my life,didn’t you know,yeah?

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Don’t be so blunt with me,it’s not artistic at all.Besides,who says I’m single,yeah?!

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Anonymous: would you go out with an akatsuki

Mainly because almost of the Akatsuki are guys,and I don’t swing that way.plus,Leader would kill me if I tried anything with Konan. And then there’s that profesionalism between us Akatsuki members so we’d never get involved romantically with each other,yeah.